How to prevent frost on your system this winter

Nov 10, 2017 |

Now that we are entering the Autumn period and starting to encounter the first frosts of the winter, it is time to prepare your water systems to prevent potential frost damage to both your dust suppression rain gun system and other water or odour systems.


  • It is very difficult to drain all water out of the systems, but the MDPE pipelines with compression fittings seem to be fairly resilient.
  • The ball/lever valves, some gate valves and the plastic bodies of the solenoid valves tend to be susceptible and are best drained of water for protection and left open.
  • Insulation offers some protection in the lighter frosts for the valves and control equipment, although, in most situations, it is not cost effective to install trace heating.
  • Make sure that the main pump is switched off to prevent running dry and switch on a small electric heater in the pump house to help prevent condensation in the electrical equipment.
  • Leave the power to the controller on and the programme off.
  • For those systems where you want to use them throughout the Winter, and you don’t have an auto-drain system based on a frost-stat, it is important to turn the controller programme off to prevent the system running a watering cycle on frozen ground and causing vehicle accidents on the ice.
  • There tends to be little wind when there is a hard frost, so, it is always best to temporarily drain the system for protection when continuous or severe frost is forecast.

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