Terms and Conditions

1 VARIATION No changes to these Conditions unless they have been signed by one of our Directors.

2. CONFIRMATION Signature to this quotation will be deemed as confirmation for the design layout of the drawings. Any alterations to the drawings by the client will require consultation at time of installation.

3 PRICE INCREASE If the cost of labour or material rises we have the right to increase our price to you.

4 LIMITATIONS The plans and specifications we produce are meant to be accurate – any brochures or samples are not meant to bind us to use those products. We will do all we can to provide the products and services on time but are not liable to pay you compensation if we cannot meet the installation date. Time shall not be of the essence. If there are defects in the materials we use or in our workmanship, we will put them right as soon as we can. However, we will not pay compensation for any loss suffered by you or anyone else as a result of any defects – unless they cause death or personal injury to someone and the defect came about as a result of our negligence.

5 CHANGING THE SPECIFICATION We have the right to change the specification of the products and service but you have the right to a product, which performs at least as well as the one originally specified.

6 OBTAINING LICENCES AND CONSENTS You must obtain and pay for all the licences and consents that are needed for the use of the products or service. We will assume that you have done so and that any conditions that are set out in them have been dealt with.

7 ACCESS AND SUPPLY OF SERVICES You must have permission to use any accesses we need to provide any of the products or services we supply. We will assume that you have the right to install the water, electricity and other services where we have shown them on any plan. You are responsible for paying all water and electricity that we need to supply the agreed products and services.

8 COMPENSATION FOR LACK OF LICENCES AND CONSENTS OR ACCESS If we cannot provide the products or services, or if we suffer any loss because one or more of the licences or consents or access mentioned in 5 and 6 above is not available or is withdrawn or is more difficult or costly than we were originally told you must compensate us for all the losses we incur.

9 OWNERSHIP OF THE PRODUCTS OR SERVICE You will own the products or services when we have been paid in full. Until then they remain our property. You cannot sell them without our permission until you have paid our account in full but if you do, you will hold the money you receive for it as Trustee for us.

10 PART PAYMENT ON PART COMPLETION If the product or service is only partly completed because of your action or inaction you must pay us the value of the work done to that point and the profit we have lost.

11 PAYMENT TERMS You must pay us within our payment terms. If you do not you must pay us interest at 8% per month on the outstanding balance until it is paid.

12 GUARANTEE We guarantee that the products and services will be adequate for the purpose for which they were specified in any plans and against all defects for 12 months EXCEPT, if the products or services have been tampered with abused or altered (unless we altered it) but you MUST inform us about the problem within 24 hours of finding it.

13 EFFECTIVENESS OR CONDITIONS and EFFECTIVE LAW If one or more of these conditions is judged to be ineffective the remaining conditions will still be effective and the law to be applied to this Contract shall be that of England and Wales

14 ARBITRATION If we disagree about any term in this contract or any other matter arising out of this Contract that disagreement must be determined by a single Arbitrator appointed by the President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

15 EFFECTIVE LAW This Contract shall be governed by the law of England and Wales.

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